Gold Coverage Plan

The Gold coverage plan is available for all vehicles and provides coverage for:

Emergency Repair
If you experience a problem after hours and our Claims Service is closed, you may authorize and be reimbursed for repairs up to $350.

Alternate Transportation on Covered Claims
If you experience a problem with a covered part and must leave your vehicle at a repair facility, you are eligible for alternate transportation reimbursement when you rent a vehicle from a rental agency or dealer.

Coverage is valid for up to six days for each repair visit (up to $30 per day, for a total of $180).

  • Rental coverage for the first two days is provided automatically for all approved claims.
  • Reimbursement for up to four additional days of rental is dependent upon the nature of the repair and the length of time the repair facility will need to keep your vehicle.
    • Upon receipt of AAA authorization to perform the necessary repairs, you will be provided an estimation of when your vehicle repair will be completed. At that time, contact AAA at 1-800-476-0770 to verify the duration of coverage for your alternate transportation.
  • Expenses not covered include fuel, collision damage waiver and optional insurance charges.

Direct Claim Payment
Expenses associated with covered repairs are paid directly to the repair facility, less your deductible.

Lifetime Deductible Guarantee
Ensures you will not incur deductible charges for second or subsequent failures to the same part.

Your AAA Repair Assurance Plan is transferable, one time only, to the private party purchaser who buys your vehicle. Within 30 days of the completed sale, simply send us a copy of the bill of sale and a completed transfer form, along with the $55 transfer fee. You may request a transfer form by contacting us at (800) 476-0770. Refund rights do not apply after transfer (not applicable in AZ).

Vehicle Parts

  • Engine: All internally lubricated parts contained within the engine block, cylinder head(s) or rotary engine housing(s); oil pump; timing belt or chain, timing gears and timing tensioners; water pump. Engine block, cylinder head(s), cylinder barrels; seals and gaskets. Harmonic balancer, flywheel; intake and exhaust manifolds; engine mounts; valve covers; oil pan. Timing belt or chain cover, dipstick and dipstick tube.
  • Automatic/standard transmission and transfer case: All internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case, torque converter case or transfer case. Transmission case, torque converter case, transfer case and external cover(s) and pan(s) if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part. Coverage is not provided for standard transmission clutch assemblies, or any component parts; seals and gaskets. Transmission mount(s), vacuum modulator, filler tube and dipstick; flex plate; internal electronic control unit; overdrive unit. Standard transmission clutch assemblies and associated component parts are not included in this coverage.
  • Front and rear drive axle: All internally lubricated parts contained within the drive axle housings. Drive axle housing if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part. Drive shaft(s); hub assembly and bearing(s); constant velocity joints; universal joints; seals and gaskets.
  • Front and Rear Suspension: Upper and lower control arms, shafts and bearings or bushings; upper and lower ball joints; king pins and bushings; spindle and spindle support; MacPherson struts; torsion bars and bushings; wheel bearings; leaf springs, shackles and bushings; coil springs; stabilizer bar, linkage and bushings; compressor; seals and gaskets.
  • Steering: Power steering pump; steering box; rack and pinion. Steering shaft and couplings; idler arm; tie rods, tie rod ends; pitman arm; center and drag link; cooler and cooler lines, pressure control valve; seals and gaskets.
  • Brakes: Master cylinder; vacuum assist booster; hydraulic lines and fittings; wheel cylinders; calipers; pressure-differential, metering, proportional and combination valves; brake pedal assembly; parking brake lever; (excluding all ABS brake components).
  • Electrical: Alternator; voltage regulator; starter motor; starter motor solenoid; front and rear window wiper motor; windshield wiper delay module; washer pumps, power antenna motor; distributor; dash and engine main wiring harness; spark control sensor; electronic ignition module; turn signal switch; horn switch and horns; rear window defogger; power trunk motor, trunk release switch and trunk release solenoid, headlamp switch, manually operated switches for all parts listed in this component group.
  • Air Conditioning: Compressor; condenser; compressor clutch, field coil and clutch pulley; idler pulley and bearing; evaporator; blower motor and fan; receiver-dryer/accumulator; air ducts; expansion valve/orifice tube; suction throttling/POA valve and tube; air conditioning control panel and control module; seals and gaskets.
  • Cooling: Radiator, radiator brackets; fan, fan clutch; electric fan motor; fan relay; fan shroud; idler pulley/belt tensioner and bearing; coolant recovery tank.
  • Interior and Exterior: Hood/trunk/hatch hinges, latches, gas cylinders and springs; door handles and hinges; seat tracks; glove box lock; ash tray assembly; shift lever.
  • Fuel: Mechanical and electrical fuel pumps; diesel vacuum assist booster pump; fuel injector pump; fuel distributor; fuel lines and fittings; fuel pressure regulator; fuel injectors; fuel tank; fuel injection sensors and air flow sensors; electronic fuel injection computer control module; seals and gaskets.
  • Turbocharger/Supercharger: Turbocharger/supercharger housings and all internal parts; waste gate; intercooler; seals and gaskets.
  • Taxes and fluids: Will be covered when required in conjunction with a covered repair.
  • Coverage is not provided for parts not listed under Gold Coverage.