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About AAA

Did you know that AAA offers a variety of Auto Buying Tools? Visit your local AAA club website to learn about the many benefits of becoming a member by clicking the "GO" button.

Online Access to Member Benefits

Our goal is to make your one-stop, 24-hour-a-day resource for online access to all that AAA has to offer.  Automotive information, car buying tools, insurance, financial services, travel information, travel planning and reservations are just a click away to make your everyday life easier!

AAA and the Environment

For more than 100 years, AAA has steadfastly represented the interests of its members. We recognize the need to balance environmental concerns with the public's cherished right to travel and their right to a safe, efficient and flexible transportation system.

AAA's Historical Road

Almost immediately after the first horseless carriages appeared on America's roads, motorists began organizing automobile clubs.

In 1902, only 23,000 cars were in operation in this country compared with 17 million horses. Yet, some 50 small auto clubs had been formed by motoring enthusiasts across the country. Nine clubs soon joined together to create a national motoring organization and, at a March 4, 1902, Chicago meeting, founded the American Automobile Association.

Over 100 years have passed, but from its inception, AAA has dedicated itself to the future of vehicle motor transportation through support of adequate highways and elimination of burdensome taxes and restrictions.

To learn more about membership benefits through AAA at your local AAA website, click "GO."

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