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AAA Premier®
Enjoy exclusive benefits and added advantages ranging from AAA’s highest level of coverage for roadside assistance to personal concierge services available to you 24/7.
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AAA Plus®
Recommended for most drivers, providing more flexibility with 100 miles of towing and a broader range of roadside assistance. 
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AAA Classic
Provides five miles of towing, roadside assistance, and basic AAA benefits and services. 
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AAA Plus® Motorcycle
Extends AAA Plus benefits and service to include all motorcycles in your entire household. 
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AAA Plus® RV
Extends AAA Plus benefits and service to recreational vehicles (RVs) for your entire household. RVs include motor homes, travel trailers, tent trailers, boat trailers, and more.
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Group Membership
First time memberships for employees of our corporate partners.  Check with your employer to see if you qualify.

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