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Your safety, security and peace of mind is always AAA's primary focus. The following links provide information to enhance your safety and sense of well-being.

AAA Helps Mature Drivers Choose “Smart” Vehicles

Press Release: 27 March 08 - Because many of the changes our bodies experience as we age can affect our ability to safely operate a vehicle, AAA recommends mature drivers look for vehicles with features that address their specific needs and health issues. Learn More

Driver Improvement Course

Become a Safer Driver - Online Course - (AAA Members - Save 20%)
This online motor vehicle accident prevention course has been approved by the Colorado Dept. of Revenue. Division of Motor Vehicles, and will allow licensed Colorado Drivers, 55 years of age or older, to receive a mandatory reduction on insurance rates for three years.

Driving Self-Assessment Tools

AAA RoadWise Review - (As seen in Mar/Apr 07 EnCompass)
Roadwise Review is a self-assessment tool that allows mature drivers to consider their driving strengths and weaknesses on their own, in a nonconfrontational way. The software can be used annually, like a regular doctor's check-up, to assess changes in your driving ability...

Mature Driver Checklist
The following checklist can help you overcome the natural changes that commonly affect our driving as we age.

Carfit (Brochure)
We can help mature drivers find their perfect auto fit. Order a free brochure.

Safety in the Car
Behind the wheel, seatbelts and airbags and more.

Getting There Safely
Safety tips and tips for driving in adverse weather conditions.
Information and tips to keep your driving skills sharp.

Information for Caregivers

Having "The Talk" with an Elderly Parent or Relative
Helpful advice so you won't dread sitting down with your elderly mother or father to discuss giving up the car keys.

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