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Tips to Prevent Text Messaging while Driving

AAA Colorado offers these tips for teens and parents to prevent sending and receiving text messages while driving.

Tips for Teens

Don't be tempted: turn off your cell phone. Let voicemail capture your voice and text messages.

If you have to call or text while driving, pull off the road safely and stop.

Recognize that text messaging can be a habit. Get support from your friends by letting them know you are working on breaking the texting habit.

If you think you will still be tempted to text and drive, put your phone somewhere you can't reach it, like the trunk.

Take control of your cell phone, don't let it control you. You are the only one who decides when and if you send and read a text message.

Tips for Parents

Don't call/text your teen at times when you know they are likely to be driving.

Review your teen's cell phone bill with them to see if they are texting at times they are likely to be driving.

Share this information with your teen.

Know the Colorado Graduated Drivers Licensing law. It is illegal for teens with an instruction permit to use a cell phone while driving.

Establish family rules that prohibit texting while driving.

Set a good example, don't text and drive.

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