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October 2001

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Another Take on Rt. 66

Not everyone waxes nostalgic over U.S. 66 ["Route 66 Celebrates 75 Years of Kicks," June 2001]. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright is said to have quipped, "Route 66 is the chute that collects the country's loose nuts and bolts and directs them to Southern California." His remark was prompted by the route's profile on a map, from Chicago to Los Angeles, which resembles a scoop or chute.
Bill Fetcher, Steamboat Springs

Streetcars Stopped for VJ Day

Just a little added thought to the [My Colorado] article, "Remembering Big Yellow" in the June issue of The Motorist. There was one more time when the streetcars didn't run for several hours-the evening of VJ Day in 1945. I was there, and a long string of the cars were lined up on 16th Street amid a throng of jubilant celebrators. I had been working at the Remington Arms plant as an inspector of the fuses used on a certain type of bomb. The plant was about a 20-minute bus ride through rolling grassy hills from South Denver where I was staying. The Remington Arms plant is now the Federal Center and Denver has closed in around it.
Erma H. Corneer, Gunnison

Idle Time

In the June issue, you list the 10 gasoline conservation tips. One was "don't idle." I have always known this to be true, but don't know the amount of time when it's better to turn off the car. When I was a younger, I was always told that if the car is to idle for a minute or more, turn it off. Recently, I have heard only 30 seconds. What is your opinion?

Also, is it dangerous to turn the vehicle off while stuck in traffic (at a train crossing for example, when you know the train will be longer than a minute)? I love the magazine. Thanks!
William W. Smyth, Littleton

Editor's reply: When you "warm up" the car, it only takes a minute or two before you can start driving. AAA doesn't recommend turning off the engine at stops or train crossings; since heat builds up quickly when the fan turns off, you might not be able to restart the car. It's not worth the risk to save three or four cents worth of gas. The condition of your battery and strain on the starting system are other factors to consider. So, basically, avoid idling as much as possible, but don't go overboard.


Thanks for the article on T-Rex. I need to know as much as possible about this monster, as do most Denver motorists!
Evonne Dunn, via e-mail

As a resident of Centennial, I was shocked by the map on page 16 of the September 2001 Motorist. "Greenwood Village" is printed squarely in the center of Centennial. Except for some greedy annexations of commercial property, their city limits for the part of the map you have printed do not extend south of Orchard Road or north of Belleview Avenue. With one of your offices in Centennial on University Boulevard, I assume that this will not happen again.
David F. Robinson, via e-mail

Editor's reply: The map printed in our T-Rex article was provided by T-Rex. Unfortunately, we failed to catch the error.

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