Privacy Policy

AAA is committed to honoring the privacy of the users of the AAA Enhanced Services Web Site, which includes any personally identifiable information.  AAA will utilize any information collected to better understand its users needs and provide better service.  In addition, AAA will use the information it gathers to improve the content of the web site.  If any personally identifiable information has been volunteered, AAA may utilize that information to notify users about updates to the web site and/or contact users for marketing purposes.  The information that is personally identifiable will not be sold to any other organizations for commercial purposes.

Below is a list of non-volunteered information that will be collected automatically when visiting the AAA Enhanced Services Web Site:

If the user supplies their telephone number online, they may be contacted by AAA regarding orders placed online.  Please be sure to provide AAA with the correct phone number.

To avoid any solicitations from AAA as a result of visiting the web site, please send an email to or write to AAA North Penn, 1035 N Washington Ave, Scranton PA 18509.