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A Timely Reminder

Americans have always been on the move, but we seldom pause to consider the role transportation has played in our nation's history and how it has influenced our everyday lives.

That's the purpose of the Smithsonian's new exhibition, "America on the Move." AAA is a proud sponsor of the exhibition, which traces the evolution of the modern transportation system from the late 1800s to today. It does more than display trains, trucks, cars and ships - it tells a story about how transportation shaped our nation.

America on the Move's fascinating story also parallels the history of AAA - an organization founded in 1902 when 1,000 members banded together to campaign for better roads and more reliable vehicles.

Since it was formed more than a century ago, AAA has continued to represent the interests of motorists and travelers. Through a historic commitment to public service as the "traveler's champion," AAA has worked to make travel safe, comfortable and efficient. Looking to the future, AAA - now 46 million members strong - will continue in that role.

Transportation affects where we live, work and play - in other words, how we live our lives. And America on the Move is a timely reminder of that important fact.

AAA President and CEO
Robert L. Darbelnet
AAA President and CEO

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