Destination: Athens
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* Agía Aikateríni (Church of St Catherine)
* Agía Sotira (Church of St Sotira)
* Ágioi ApóstoloI (Church of the Holy Apostles)
* Ágios Nikodímos (Church of St Nikodimos)
* Ágios Nikólaos Ragavás (Church of St Nicholas Ragavas)
* Ágios Pávlos (Church of St Paul)
* Anafiótika
* Áreios Págos (Areopagos)
* Ebraïkó Mouseío tis Elláthos (Jewish Museum of Greece)
* Elliniko Paithíko Mouseío (Hellenic Children's Museum)
* Ethnikí Pinakothíki (National Gallery)
* Ethnikós Kípos (National Gardens)
* Exárcheia (Exarchia)
* Filopáppou (Philopappou)
* Gennádios Vivliothíki (American School of Classical Studies)
* Hephaisteion (Temple of Hephaistos)
* Istorikó Mouseío (National Historical Museum)
* Kapnikaréa
* Kentrikí Agorá (Central Market)
* Kéntro Ellinikis Paradosis (Centre for Hellenic Tradition)
* Kéntro Laikis Téchnis Kai Paradosis (Centre for Popular Arts and Traditions)
* Kéntro Meletis Ikoy Theatroy (Greek Theatre Museum)
* Keramikí Syllogí Apo to Mouseío Elliníkis Laografías (Ceramic Collection of the Museum of Greek Folk Art)
* Kerameikós (Keramikos Cemetery)
* Kolonáki
* Mitrópolis
* Mnimeío Lysikrátous (Monument of Lysikrates)
* Monastiráki
* Mouseío Athinón (Museum of the City of Athens)
* Mouseío Benáki (Benaki Museum)
* Mouseío Ellinikís Paithikis Téchnis (Museum of Greek Children's Art)
* Mouseío Kanellópoulos (Kanellopoulos Museum)
* Mouseío Kosmímatos Ilía Lalaoúnis (Ilias Lalaounis Jewellery Museum)
* Naós Aiólou (Tower of the Winds)
* Odion (théatro) Iródou Attikou (Odeon of Herodes Atticus)
* Olympíeion (Temple of Olympian Zeus)
* Píli (Pýli) Adrianoú (Hadrian's Arch)
* Pinakothíki Tou Dímou Athinaïkoú (Municipal Art Gallery)
* Plateía Klafthmonos (Klafthmonos Square)
* Plateía Omonoías (Omonia Square)
* Plateía Syntagmatos (Syntagma Square)
* Pnýka (Pnyx)
* Polemikó Mouseío (War Museum of Greece)
* Proedrikó Mégaro (Presidential Palace)
* Prótoí Nekrotafío Athinón (First Cemetery of Athens)
* Romaïki Agorá (Roman Agora)
* Schliemann's House
* Théatro Dionýsou (Theatre of Dionysos)
* Théatro Filopáppou (philopappou Theatre)
* Vivliothíki Adrianoú (Library of Hadrian)
* Vizantinó Mouseío (Byzantine Museum)
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Polemikó Mouseío (War Museum of Greece)

( Highly Recommended )

Don't be put off by the name or by the military hardware outside this museum, for inside is a fascinating collection covering many aspects of Greek history. As just one example of its all-encompassing brief, it includes copies of some dramatic friezes from the remote Temple of Vassai on the Peloponnese, regarded as one of the most outstanding Greek temples outside Athens. The friezes show military conflict, and art lovers will appreciate stumbling across such skilful replicas of otherwise relatively inaccessible pieces.
The museum covers conflicts dating back to the Greek myths, the Trojan Wars and the tales of Homer. There are first-class models of many of the fortified towns in Greece, such as Náfplio and Mystras, and others showing great battle scenes from Greek history. World War II is covered in some depth, including the Battle of Crete and the sufferings of the Athenian population. There is also an extensive collection of weaponry and uniforms. Outside the museum is a display of military vehicles. Children will enjoy climbing up to peer inside the cockpits of the Spitfires and Tiger Moths, and getting a close look at the anti-aircraft guns and some fairly primitive World War I hardware. Having examined the outside displays, go inside and take the stairs or lift to the top floor, working your way down, though the layout on the several floors is not strictly chronological. This makes more sense of a visit, though, and you may wish to take a break in the café in the basement afterwards.

Address: Leoforos Vasilissis Sofias 22/Rizari 2
Phone: 729-0543
Open: Tue-Sun 9-2. Closed public holidays
Restaurant: Café (Inexpensive)
Bus: 234
Metro: Evangelismos
Accessible: None
Admission: Free
Greece (Mainland)

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