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You will usually hear well-enunciated French in Paris, spoken quite quickly and in a myriad of accents as many Parisians come from the provinces. English is spoken by those involved in the tourist trade and by many in the centre of Paris - less so in the outskirts. However, attempts to speak French will always be appreciated. Below is a list of a few words that may be helpful. The gender of words is indicated by (m) or (f) for masculine and feminine. More extensive coverage can be found in the AA's Essential French Phrase Book which lists over 2,000 phrases and 2,000 words.
hotel hôtel (m)
room chambre (f)
..single/double une personne/duex personnes (f) nights une/deux nuits (f)
...per person/per room par personne/par chambre
reservation réservation (f)
rate tarif (m)
breakfast petit déjeuner (m)
toilet toilette (f)
bathroom salle de bain (m)
shower douche (f)
balcony balcon (m)
key clef/clé (f)
room service service de chambre (f)
bank banque (f)
exchange office bureau de change (m)
post office poste (f)
cashier caissier (m)
foreign exchange change extérieur (m)
currency monnaie (f)
English pound livre sterling (f)
American dollar dollar (m)
banknote billet (m)
coin pièce (f)
credit card carte de crédit (f)
traveller's cheque chèque de voyage (m)
giro cheque chèque postal (m)
restaurant restaurant (m)
café café (f)
table table (f)
menu menu (m)
set menu menu du jour (m)
wine list carte des vins (f)
lunch déjeuner (m)
dinner dîner (m)
starter hors d'oeuvres (m)
main course plat principal (m)
dish of the day plat du jour (m)
dessert dessert (m)
drink boisson (f)
waiter garçon (m)
waitress serveuse (f)
the bill addition (f)
aeroplane avion (m)
airport aéroport (m)
train train (m)
...station gare (f)
bus l'autobus (m)
...station gare routière (f)
ferry bateau (m)
...port port (m)
ticket billet (m)
...single/return simple/retour
...first/second class première/deuxième classe
ticket office guichet (m)
timetable horaire des départs et des arrivées (m)
seat place (f)
non-smoking non-fumeurs (m)
reserved réservée
taxi! taxi!
yes oui
please s'il vous-plaît
thank you merci
hello bonjour
goodbye au revoir
goodnight bonsoir
sorry pardon
help! au secours!
today aujourd'hui
tomorrow demain
yesterday hier
how much? combien?
expensive cher
closed fermé
open ouvert
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