Career Development

Personal Development Planning

AAA provides all associates the opportunity to ‘sit in the driver’s seat’ of determining their own Personal Development Plan. Personal development planning refers to the actions and activities that individuals perform in order to give direction to their work life. A personal development plan addresses where you want to be headed and the activities you will take to get there—like a road map. It takes into account one’s personal mission and overall goals from both a personal and professional standpoint. It charts your desired future roles and responsibilities and defines how you will get there. Classes include Resume Basics, Interviewing Strategies, Networking Strategies, and Retirement Planning. AAA provides an environment that encourages and fosters personal growth.

Training & Development Programs

As a customer service organization operating in a highly competitive environment, the AAA National Office recognizes that people are our greatest strength and our principal source of competitive advantage. To achieve our objectives we strive to attract and retain a qualified workforce. As part of our retention strategy, we encourage our management to develop their associates for future positions within the organization through a joint partnership between the associate and their management.

AAA is committed to our associates’ development and to providing an environment for learning. Therefore, we encourage our associates to take a leadership role in their career development, to understand their skills and capabilities, and to ask for assistance when needed. As part of AAA’s commitment to associates, we will continue to provide opportunities for our associates to develop and improve through these methods: internal and external training courses/educational development/mentoring and coaching.

Web-based Training

AAA offers various training opportunities for associates to take training classes for their own professional growth. From instructor-led programs to utilizing our Microsoft Agreement to take classes such as PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and more; AAA offers various opportunities for our associates to learn new skills and improve on existing ones. We also offer a PC Training Lab on-site to provide a quiet learning environment for those interested in taking online classes.

Educational Development Policy

AAA encourages employee participation in educational programs in order to increase their abilities in their present position, to prepare them for future positions, to keep current with new advancement in technologies, or as part of their career development program. All full-time associates who have successfully completed six months of employment and whose course(s) begin after the six month anniversary date are eligible for tuition reimbursement. Only courses required as part of a degree program that relate to AAA’s business as a whole are eligible for reimbursement through the tuition reimbursement program.