Our Values

Values Shape the AAA Culture

Basic Beliefs are fundamental and enduring principles that guide the Association's mission, operations and corporate behavior. They are a collective commitment by Association headquarters, clubs, employees and governing bodies to those we serve and to each other. They determine the culture of our organization, how we work with each other, our members, other customers, suppliers and the public.

Commitment to AAA Members

We exist for our members and will judge everything we do by how well it serves their needs. AAA services, programs, and products will meet the highest standards of quality, and will be continually reviewed to ensure maximum member benefit. AAA services and products will be tested, proved practical and reliable, and offered only to add value to membership.

Commitment to the Association

We are committed to protecting the AAA brand, to enhancing member benefits and our competitive strengths, and to growing both membership and retention rates. We are committed to the federation structure and to the sovereignty of affiliated clubs. We will seek a balance between the uniformity needed to bind us together and the flexibility required to respond to local conditions. Our goal is long-term success and stability, not short-term advantage. We will devote adequate study to business and policy decisions to be confident we are acting correctly.

Commitment to AAA Employees

We will maintain a competently managed working environment offering fair compensation, equality in employment opportunities and potential for advancement, education, and training. We will reward meritorious performance, be receptive to differing points of view and respect individual dignity.

Commitment to Community and Country

We will be good corporate neighbors, engaging in public service consistent with our mission, the needs of members, the communities we serve, and the national interest. In pursuing public policy positions, AAA will remain objective and responsible, relying on our credibility, expertise, and research in public policy formulation.

What you can expect from AAA:

  • A challenging work environment where ideas are welcome and strategic thinking is encouraged.
  • Unparalleled career options — an advantage few other companies can match.
  • An opportunity to work with quality people centered on meaningful and stimulating work.
  • Whenever possible, preference will be given to candidates from within the association for all level positions, including management level.
  • An opportunity to share your point of view and suggestions for improvement through periodic employee surveys.

What we expect from our employees:

  • A commitment to company growth and success.
  • A desire to learn, develop and be the best.
  • To engage in frequent and open communications with colleagues at all levels to promote teamwork.
  • Meet or exceed AAA club expectations in quality of service and products, as well as timeliness of delivery.