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Arrow Rock, first settled in 1829, became an important trading center that served both farmers and westward expeditions along the Santa Fe Trail. Although the settlement was rechristened Philadelphia, it soon reverted to the name given by early explorers for the flint outcroppings in the surrounding limestone bluffs, a material that was used to make arrow points.
Artist George Caleb Bingham made his home in Arrow Rock in the early 19th century, painting scenes of frontier life on the Missouri River. Dr. John Sappington, another nearby resident, engaged in large-scale farming and the marketing of Sappington Anti-fever Pills. Two of his sons-in-law and one of his grandsons became governors of the state. The Friends of Arrow Rock offers a guided tour of Prairie Park, Sappington's 1849 Greek Revival mansion, by appointment; phone (660) 837-3231.
An 1872 Baptist church has been converted and refurbished to house the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre. Matinee and evening performances are offered June-September and in December; phone (660) 837-3311 to confirm schedule.
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