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About 30 miles offshore in Lake Michigan, Beaver Island is the largest island of the Beaver Archipelago. The island is popular for fishing and hunting.
The French established the island's first settlement but abandoned it in 1603. The arrival of the Mormons in 1847, led by tyrannical king and politician James Jesse Strang, aroused resentment on the mainland, leading to dissolution of the colony by force in 1856. The island was eventually settled by Irish fishermen.
The 1850 print shop built by the Mormons now houses the museum for the Beaver Island Historical Society. Exhibits showcase Strang's place in local history and other local history topics such as Native American stories, early Irish life and island musicians; some exhibits are rotated. Phone (231) 448-2254. St. James, the former Mormon capital and a pleasant vacation spot, is accessible from Charlevoix by boat or plane.

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Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce Address not available BEAVER ISLAND, MI 49782. Phone:(231)448-2505
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