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Nearby Turtle Mountain Provincial Park is named for the western painted turtle, which lives in the park's many shallow lakes. The park is the year-round home of a large number of waterfowl and of migratory birds in spring and fall. A wildlife center also is available.
As a connection to the park, the town has adopted as its symbol an 8.5-metre-tall (28-ft.) statue known as Tommy Turtle, which can be seen beside the visitor center on Hwy. 10.
An outdoor art gallery throughout the town depicts area history by way of more than 20 colorful wall-size murals, including a large scene painted on a grain elevator in downtown Boissevain. Scenic Hwy. 10 leads south to the North Dakota border and the International Peace Garden.

Boissevain Tourism Information Centre 298 Mountain St. BOISSEVAIN, MB . Phone:(204)534-6662 or (800)497-2393

Self-guiding tours
Literature for a self-guiding walking tour of the city's historic buildings is available at the Boissevain Tourism Information Centre.

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