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Buhl (BEWL) is on the Snake River, at the western end of a valley that grew little but sagebrush until 1906, when irrigation transformed the desert into lush farmland. Agriculture and aquaculture are the bases of Buhl's present economy. Tourism and the raising of sheep and beef and dairy cattle are important. The surrounding area produces barley, sugar beets, corn, dry beans, alfalfa, grains, sugar snap peas, seed crops and potatoes.
Buhl is said to be the rainbow trout capital of the United States, since the town is a leader in trout research and production. Trout farms raise and process rainbow trout that are shipped throughout the world; similar farms produce catfish, tilapia and salmon. The products of dirt farms and local craftsmen are available Wednesday 4:30-6 p.m., mid-July through early October, at the farmers market in the parking lot of the senior citizens' center at 1010 Main St.
An oddity of nature called the Balanced Rock can be seen by taking a short drive south to Castleford, then 6 miles west. The 40-foot-high rock is perched on a base only a few feet in diameter.

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Buhl Chamber of Commerce 716 US 30E BUHL, ID 83316. Phone:(208)543-6682
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