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For more than a century, from 1767 to 1881, Campobello Island belonged to the Owen family. The 1835 home of Adm. William F. Owen, who so loved the sea that he reputedly built a quarterdeck on which to pace in its presence, is preserved at Deer Point. A picturesque lighthouse stands at East Quoddy Head; whales and porpoises can sometimes be spotted in the offshore waters.
James Roosevelt visited Campobello in 1883 when his son, Franklin, was just a year old. From then until 1921, Franklin D. Roosevelt spent most of his summers on the island. A small collection of items relating to the Roosevelt family is among the displays at the Campobello Public Library and Museum, at 3 Welshpool St. in the village of Welshpool; phone (506) 752-7082.
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Current Location: Campobello Island, New Brunswick