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In the Four Corners region 15 miles northwest of Cortez and west of US 491, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument preserves one of the richest archeological areas in the United States, covering 176,000 acres of remote and difficult terrain. More than 6,000 archeological sites, including dwellings, shrines, hunting camps and petroglyphs, preserve the remnants of cultures and traditions spanning thousands of years.
The 12th-century Lowry Pueblo, a National Historic Landmark containing 40 rooms and ceremonial kivas, is among the largest and most easily accessible of the ruins. Visitors are advised to stop at the Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores prior to visiting the national monument for maps, advice and current road conditions.
Note: The monument is a backcountry area with gravel and dirt roads, minimal facilities and no permanent source of water. Visitors are advised to bring sufficient water, fuel and maps, and to stay on existing roads and trails. Daily 24 hours. Free. Phone (970) 882-5600.

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