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A popular seaside resort community, Carleton-sur-Mer was settled by Acadians who eluded exile to Louisiana. The town's name was originally Tracadièche, a Mi'kmaq word meaning “place of many herons.” It was changed to honor Guy Carleton, governor general of Canada during the late 18th century.
The arts have a secure role in Carleton-sur-Mer. Galleries display the work of area artists. A work of art itself, the St-Joseph-de-Carleton Church, on boulevard Perron, contains paintings, silverware and vestments acquired in 1800. Productions by the Moluque Theatre are offered Tuesday through Saturday evenings from mid-July to late August.
Preserved fossils are found at Miguasha National Park, southwest via Hwy. 132. The park contains the Escuminac Geological Formation, which represents a paleo-ecosystem of the Devonian period, 370 million years ago. These fossils illustrate the transition from aquatic vertebrates to land vertebrates, making the park an important paleontological site.
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Carleton Tourist Information Bureau 774 boul. Perron CARLETON-SUR-MER, QC G0C 1J0. Phone:(418)364-3544
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