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At Placentia off Hwy. 100, Castle Hill dates from the 17th century when the French selected the small fishing village of Plaisance as the base of operations for their Newfoundland and Labrador fishing fleet. The Royal Colony of Plaisance was founded at this site in 1662 during the reign of Louis XIV. Fort Royal, a massive fortification, was built atop a prominent hill overlooking the port and the surrounding countryside.
Under the Treaty of Utrecht the area was ceded to the British in 1713. The town was renamed Placentia, and the hill on which the fort stood became known as Castle Hill.
The stabilized ruins of Fort Royal include the remains of the barracks, a powder magazine, guard rooms and a blockhouse. Hiking trails lead visitors to vantage points overlooking Placentia and the Placentia Gut inlet. Displays at the visitor center depict the French and English influence at Placentia.
Allow 30 minutes minimum. Grounds daily 10-6. Visitor center daily 10-6, June 1-early Sept. Admission is free in 2017 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation. Otherwise, site free. Exhibit areas $3.90; $3.40 (ages 65+); $1.90 (ages 6-16); $9.80 (family, maximum two adults and five children). For further information contact Castle Hill National Historic Site, P.O. Box 10, Jerseyside, Placentia Bay, NL, Canada A0B 2G0. Phone (709) 227-2401.
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Current Location: Castle Hill National Historic Site, Newfoundland And Labrador