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Within weeks of John Gregory's discovery of gold in 1859, hordes of prospectors were swarming over the steep sides of Gregory Gulch, which soon earned the title “the richest square mile on Earth.” Although later eclipsed by the lodes at Cripple Creek, the gold dug from Gregory Gulch amounted to more than $67 million.
Central City, the middle camp among several that sprang up along the precipitous gulch, soon absorbed its immediate neighbors. Train loads of theatergoers came from Denver to enjoy Central City's cultural advantages. In 1932 the Opera Festival featured Lillian Gish in “Camille.” The festival still attracts crowds every summer in July and August.
With its preserved 1870s main street, Central City is part of a national historic district that is surrounded by hills and dotted with Victorian houses. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy camping, hiking, hunting, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. The city offers a variety of museums, casinos and summer festivals.

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City of Central Visitors Center 103 Eureka St. CENTRAL CITY, CO 80427. Phone:(303)582-3345

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Central City Opera House

Easy Street Casino
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