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In 1885 Cut Knife was the site of several First Nations uprisings that were inspired by the Métis rebellion. The Battle of Cut Knife Hill, between the Cree tribe led by Chief Poundmaker and the North West Mounted Police under Col. W.D. Otter, ended in the retreat of the Mounties to Battleford.
Poundmaker, who stopped his warriors from pursuing and ambushing Otter's troops, later surrendered to the authorities to help restore peace between the First Nations and settlers. A national historic plaque and a framework of tepee poles mark the chief's grave at the Poundmaker Reserve.
A massive tomahawk, constructed in 1971, stands in Tomahawk Park, on the southwest side of town off Hwy. 40. The handle, 17 metres (57 ft.) long and weighing 3,928 kilograms (8,660 lbs.), pierces the top of a 30-foot-tall concrete teepee.
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