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A river wharf occupied the site of Delaware City for the quarter century following 1800. In 1814 the Department of the Navy allowed the construction of a battery and fortifications on the Delaware River at what was then called Newbold's Point. Around 1825 streets were laid out at the junction of the Delaware River and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, which was being dug across the peninsula.
By the time the canal opened in 1829, however, railroads were handling most of the freight the canal had been built to ship. Delaware City's wide streets and grand name thus became reminders of a boom that never came.
The fortifications are gone from Newbold's Point, but Battery Park remains, offering a view of the river, Pea Patch Island and the New Jersey shoreline from the foot of Clinton Street. In the park is a restored Chesapeake and Delaware Canal lock built in 1829.

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