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Unlike many Colorado towns, Delta started and stayed small but prosperous. The town owes its stability to agriculture; fruit has always been Delta's economic mainstay. Livestock, mining, lumbering and industry also contribute.
Laid out in 1882 by the Uncompahgre Town Company and named Uncompahgre, the name was later changed to Delta because the shape of the town site resembled that of the Greek letter.
The area is rich in an unusual resource: dinosaur bones. Bones from some of the largest dinosaur skeletons ever found—dubbed supersaurus and brachiosaurus—were unearthed southwest of Delta. The animals are believed to have tipped the scales at nearly 80 tons and to have stood almost five stories tall. The fossilized remains of other prehistoric creatures have been excavated at Dry Mesa Dinosaur Quarry.
Delta is near Grand Mesa, Gunnison and Uncompahgre national forests and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. It also is the western terminus for the 20-mile scenic stretch of SR 92, which continues northeast as SR 133.

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Delta Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center 301 Main St. DELTA, CO 81416. Phone:(970)874-8616

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Delta County Museum


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