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Eastport, on Moose Island in Passamaquoddy Bay, was first settled about 1780. In a roundabout way, the capture of Eastport by the British in 1814 put Gen. Andrew Jackson in the White House 15 years later. News of Eastport's fall during the War of 1812 halted peace negotiations and prolonged the fighting so that Jackson won the decisive Battle of New Orleans. It was the general's victory that ultimately led him to the presidency in 1829.
In Eastport, fishing, scallop harvesting and lumber shipping are principal concerns. A deepwater commercial port and a large aquaculture industry that specializes in raising trout and salmon characterize the waterfront.
The moorlike wilderness of Washington County, which is larger in area than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, yields some of the state's richest blueberry and cranberry harvests. The record tidal variation on the east coast of the United States is registered in the vicinity, with a rise and fall as great as 26 feet during some seasons.
Old Sow, which is said to be the second largest whirlpool in the world, can be seen 2 hours before high tide from Dog Island, reached by way of Water Street. Boat charters are available to view the region's scenic areas, whales and other marine life and such native birds as eagles and ospreys.

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Eastport Area Chamber of Commerce 141 Water St. EASTPORT, ME 04631. Phone:(207)853-4644
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