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The Edistow Indians traded Edisto Island to the Lords Proprietors in 1674 for cloth, hatchets and goods. By the late 1700s, British settlers had developed a superior grade of cotton and prospered immensely from its export, giving them the means to establish large plantations. Union occupation during the Civil War forced planters to abandon their fine homes and cease tending the prized crop. The cotton industry recovered slowly after the war, then met its doom with the arrival of boll weevils in the 1920s.
Early plantation houses can be seen from the river. The only inroad, SR 174, ends at the water's edge in Edisto Beach State Park. Swimming and shelling attract visitors to the pristine, secluded beach; phone (843) 869-2156.

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Edisto Chamber of Commerce 42 Station Ct. EDISTO ISLAND, SC 29438. Phone:(843)869-3867 or (888)333-2781
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