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Reports of prime agricultural land drew New Englanders from New York and Vermont during the 1840s to “The Grove,” so named for the abundant forest edging part of the prairie belt settlement. The early economy of Evansville rested on wheat but was replaced by tobacco during the Civil War era.
With the arrival of the railroad in 1864, tobacco warehouses and other commercial enterprises clustered around the tracks. On the main line of the North Western Railroad, the city became Wisconsin's largest shipping point for wool and a major distribution center for livestock during the mid-19th century.
Evansville's development is reflected in its wide range of architecture, spanning more than 125 years. The 22-block historic district has many unaltered structures in such diverse styles as Greek Revival, Italianate, late Picturesque, Neoclassic and Prairie. Along the shores of Lake Leota are park and recreational facilities. The 18-hole Evansville Golf Club is 2 miles north from Leonard Leota Park.

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Evansville Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism 8 W. Main St. EVANSVILLE, WI 53536. Phone:(608)882-5131

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A brochure describing residential and commercial structures in Evansville's historic district can be obtained at city hall, 31 S. Madison St., and the chamber of commerce.
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