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Fogo Island, 25 kilometres (15.5 mi.) long by 14 kilometres (8.7 mi.) wide, is off the north central coast and is home to several villages, each with features such as beaches, hiking trails, small museums and historic cemeteries. Fishing has played an important role in the island's history and is evident in the various wharves and fish plants. Fish stages, which are used to house fishing equipment and to process fish, also can be found.
In late July islanders, and those willing to take them on, hone their skills during the Great Fogo Island Punt Race to There and Back, the course of which begins at Joe Batt's Arm. Participants race flat-bottomed wooden boats, or punts, measuring between 4.1 and 5.3 metres (13.5 and 17.5 ft.) some 11 kilometres (7 mi.) to Lion's Den Point and then back.
A nearly 1-hour ferry ride departing from the town of Farewell on the mainland transports passengers to Man O' War Cove near Stag Harbour; for ferry information phone (709) 627-3492 (on Fogo Island), or (855) 621-3150 (toll-free) if calling from outside the local area. From there, the town of Tilting is approximately 40 kilometres (24.9 mi.) on Hwy. 334, following signs. The town has the majority of the island's attractions and has been named a National Historic Site. Tilting saw the first Irish settlers in the middle of the 18th century, and eventually that nationality represented the majority of the town's population. Many of today's residents have a strong Irish heritage and speak with an accent reminiscent of brogue. The old Irish Catholic cemetery contains the graves of early immigrants. For more information about the town, phone (709) 266-1320.

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Town of Fogo Island 6 Centre Island Rd. S. Hwy. 333 JOE BATT'S ARM, NL A0G 2X0. Phone:(709)266-1320
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