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One of Fort Bridger's early residents was the renowned mountain man and scout Jim Bridger. Bridger, who hired himself out as a wilderness guide, was known for telling tall tales. According to popular lore, one of Bridger's most repeated stories was the one in which he tried to jump across a gorge in a petrified forest. The gorge turned out to be wider than he expected, but Bridger managed to escape death by remaining aloft on the gorge's petrified air.

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A driving tour atop an original hand-built roadbed of the Union Pacific begins 9 miles west of Fort Bridger at Leroy; from I-80 exit 24, follow CR 173 and SR 150. Utilize caution, as 22 miles of the route are unpaved. The tour continues past the abandoned town of Piedmont, several beehive-shaped charcoal kilns and the Uinta Mountains before entering Evanston.
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Current Location: Fort Bridger, Wyoming