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Fort Gibson is a rural community near the site of a fort that was established in 1824 as part of a network of garrisons built to maintain peace along the frontier and to quell conflicts with the Osage Indians. The fort also served as a communication and supply center for fur traders and explorers of the Southwest. It was occupied by Union troops during the Civil War and abandoned in 1890.
About a mile from Fort Gibson Historic Site is Fort Gibson National Cemetery, established in 1868. Among the graves in the officers' circle are those of two women: Sam Houston's Cherokee wife, Talihina, and a young woman from Massachusetts named Vivia. Legend states that Vivia disguised herself as a soldier and followed her former lover to Fort Gibson, where she killed him in retaliation for rejecting her. The Native Americans were blamed for his death, and Vivia's gender was not discovered until she died.

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Fort Gibson Chamber of Commerce 108 W. Poplar FORT GIBSON, OK 74434. Phone:(918)478-4780
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