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Fort Yates is the agency headquarters for Standing Rock Indian Reservation, 2.3 million acres of rolling grain and cattle country extending into South Dakota. The reserve is home to about 10,000 Lakota and Dakota, who manage industrial and recreational sites, farm, and sell arts and crafts. Fort Yates is on the upper Oahe Reservoir of the Missouri River, which offers fishing and water recreation.
The Lakota leader Sitting Bull was killed at Bullhead, S.D., in 1890 by Native American police. He was buried at Fort Yates next to the military post; although the chief's remains were moved to Mobridge, S.D., in 1953, the tribal agency honors both locations as Sitting Bull burial sites.
When viewed from a particular angle, Standing Rock, a stone that is sacred to the Arikara and Dakota Sioux Indians, resembles a seated woman wearing a shawl and holding a baby. Legend holds it is the figure of a young Arikara woman who, jealous of her husband's second wife, refused to leave camp when the tribe moved. A search party returned to the deserted site to find the young woman and her child still there, turned into stone.

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Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Office Bldg. 1 N. Standing Rock Ave. FORT YATES, ND 58538. Phone:(701)854-8500

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Current Location: Fort Yates, North Dakota