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Frederick was created in 1902 when the towns of Gosnell and Hazel merged to take advantage of the Blackwell, Enid & Southwestern Railroad, which began construction in Texas in 1901 and was completed in the Frederick area in 1903. More than a century later the economic focus of the agriculture-based community is its production of cattle, cotton and wheat.
In 1905 President Theodore Roosevelt visited Frederick to meet Jack Abernathy, a wolf hunter whose hunting skills earned him the nickname “Catch 'em Alive” Abernathy. Upon learning of Abernathy's hunting skills, the president went on a wolf hunt with Abernathy. The two men forged a close friendship lasting until Roosevelt's death in 1919.
In 1910 Abernathy's sons, 10-year-old Louis “Bud” and 6-year-old Temple, traveled alone on horseback from Frederick to Washington, D.C., to meet President William Howard Taft. They proceeded north to New York City to meet Roosevelt upon his return from an African safari; afterward, the children drove 2,500 miles home to Frederick in a Brush automobile. A restored Brush car, similar to the one driven by the boys, is displayed at the Pioneer Heritage Townsite Center as well as a life-size statue of the boys just outside the center's entrance.
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Frederick Chamber of Commerce and Industry 100 S. Main St. FREDERICK, OK 73542. Phone:(580)335-2126
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