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An early legend concerning the area around Garretson tells of the formation of a canyon known as Devil's Gulch. The Native American spirit Iktomi is said to have hurled his tomahawk in anger at a warrior who had been causing friction among members of his tribe. Iktomi's tomahawk hit the ground, resulting in a burst of lightning and the appearance of a chasm in the solid rock—the present-day Devil's Gulch.
A more recent legend involves outlaw Jesse James. In order to avoid certain capture while fleeing a posse following a bank robbery in 1876, James was forced to urge his horse to jump across 16-foot Devil's Gulch gorge. Successfully eluding the posse, he rejoined his brother Frank. A footbridge now makes crossing the creek much easier.
Corn, soybeans, oats and alfalfa hay are the main crops grown on the surrounding land. Nearby Split Rock Park offers camping and other recreational activities.

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Garretson City Hall 705 N. Main St. GARRETSON, SD 57030. Phone:(605)594-6721

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Palisades State Park
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