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Within 2 years of George and Dave Griffith's gold strike at the head of Clear Creek in 1859, the “bust” part of the familiar boom-and-bust story had begun to affect Georgetown. One by one its buildings emptied as the gold ran out and prospectors went elsewhere. In 1864, however, the first large silver discovery in Colorado was made about 5 miles northwest, and Georgetown was in business again.
Until the great strike at Leadville in 1878, Georgetown and its sister camp of Silver Plume, 2 miles up the canyon, comprised the premier silver district. Aptly nicknamed the “Silver Queen of the Rockies,” Georgetown blossomed into the third largest city in Colorado.
Unlike other mining towns of the day, it escaped destruction by fire. More than 200 original buildings still stand. Shops now occupy many of the historic downtown structures and the city has been designated the Georgetown/Silver Plume National Historic Landmark District. Outdoor recreational options include fishing, mountain biking and hiking.

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Gateway Visitor Center 1491 Argentine St. GEORGETOWN, CO 80444. Phone:(303)569-2405

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