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Grand Manan lies 15 kilometres (9 mi.) off the coast of Maine in the Bay of Fundy. It is known for its lobster and herring catches and for the preparation of dulse, an edible variety of seaweed. A 1.5-hour boat trip connects the island with Black's Harbour.
Humpback, finback and North Atlantic right whales visit the waters off Grand Manan from mid-July to mid-September; for the rare right whale, these waters are a mating ground. Deep-sea excursions and whale-watching trips can be scheduled locally.
Some of the 19 hiking trails that explore the island's coastline offer visitors the chance to spot seals as well. John J. Audubon made many of his sketches on Grand Manan; more than 275 species of birds have been recorded.
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Current Location: Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick