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Named for Capt. Robert Gray, who in 1792 discovered the harbor that bears his name, this scattered resort community is located in the middle of the Cranberry Coast, an 18-mile stretch of beach between Westport and Willapa Bay. Native Americans picked wild cranberries along this coast for thousands of years before commercial production began in 1912, augmented with hybridized bushes brought in from Massachusetts. The first growers were primarily Finns who adapted the similar cultivation of lingonberries from their native land. Cranberry bogs lie mostly east of SR 105 from Grayland south to North Cove. The bogs bloom in mid-June; harvest time is October.
At Grayland Beach State Park , just south of town on SR 105, you can walk a quarter-mile interpretive trail that leads to the beach; phone (360) 267-4301.
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Current Location: Grayland, Washington