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Just below the mouth of Platte River Canyon, Guernsey is in an area known for its limestone beds and a profusion of such artifacts as agricultural and war implements. Native Americans driven from their homes east of the Mississippi River and pioneers headed westward followed the river through this area.
During one of his expeditions in 1842, John C. Fremont camped near what is now the Oregon Trail Ruts State Historic Site. The small prairie next to the river (the present town site) impressed him as a good spot for a military installation because of its cottonwood trees, pines and abundant rock for building.
Prospectors discovered early that the rock formations around Guernsey were good for more than just building. Moss agate stone, unearthed from what is believed to be the first commercially developed deposit of moss agate in the nation, was found in the Guernsey-Hartville region and exported to Germany in the late 1800s. The additional discovery of copper led to the founding of nearby communities Hartville and Sunrise.

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Guernsey Visitors Center 90 S. Wyoming GUERNSEY, WY 82214. Phone:(307)836-2715
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