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Recent archeological finds show that the Slavey Dene have used the area around Hay River for thousands of years, but the first buildings did not appear until 1868 when Hudson's Bay Co. established a trading post. The town's strategic location prompts its occasional reference as the “Hub of the North.”
Hay River is the southernmost port of the Mackenzie River system. During the 5-month shipping season barges, fishing boats and Coast Guard craft clog the protected river channels. The town serves as headquarters of the Great Slave Lake commercial fishing industry, which supplies the demand for Great Slave Lake whitefish. Dene Cultural Institute (also known as the Yamozha Kue Society), on the Hay River Dene Reserve, is open for tours mid-May to mid-September. A visitor center on Mackenzie Hwy. is open 9-9, mid-May to mid-September; phone (867) 874-8480.

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Hay River Chamber of Commerce 10K Gagnier St. HAY RIVER, NT X0E 1G1. Phone:(867)874-2565
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