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As with many frontier towns, Hillsboro was established by a man who was running from his past. In 1765 John McNeil fled into the wilderness believing he had killed a man in a boxing match. Two brothers, Charles and Jacob Kinnison, found him during an expedition and gave McNeil news of his opponent's recovery. McNeil would not be swayed to return with them, but he persuaded the Kinnisons to stay and help build a new settlement.
Author Pearl S. Buck, who won a Pulitzer Prize and was the first American woman to win a Nobel Prize for Literature, was born in the community in 1892. The property, which includes her father's boyhood cabin, has been preserved as the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Museum. Phone (304) 653-4430 for more information.
From Huttonsville to the north, scenic SR 55/US 219 runs 86 miles to Lewisburg, traversing Hillsboro near Watoga State Park.
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Current Location: Hillsboro, West Virginia