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“Jenny, jump!” Apparently the young girl did, foiling the Native Americans her father had spotted sneaking up on her. The true story remains unknown, but the warning cry is commemorated in the name of the mountain that rises above Hope. The village was settled in 1769 by Moravians from Bethlehem, Pa. They built a sturdy, self-sustaining community with mills, a church, a public inn, a brewery and a distillery.
Several old structures remain, their stone walls contrasting with more recent buildings. The Moravians' position as conscientious objectors during the Revolution did not endear them to Patriot forces, but they won respect by caring for sick and wounded soldiers. The colony—diminished by a smallpox epidemic—returned to Pennsylvania in 1808.

Self-guiding tours
Brochures outlining a walking tour past Hope's Moravian architecture can be obtained at stores and banks throughout town and at the Municipal Building Clerk's Office at 407 Great Meadows Rd. (CR 611); phone (908) 459-5011.

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