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Inuvik, meaning “place of man,” was erected in 1958 to replace nearby Aklavik, which appeared to be sinking into the Mackenzie River delta. The town boomed in the 1970s as the center of the Beaufort Sea oil exploration, which since has shifted to other areas. As well as being the communications, commerce and government center for the Western Arctic, the town was the site of a Canadian Forces station until 1986.
Accessible via Dempster Hwy., Inuvik is one of the northernmost points on the North American continent that can be reached by public road. During June and most of July there are 24 hours of daylight. The town also serves as a departure point for plane trips to the Arctic Ocean and the Mackenzie River delta system.

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Western Arctic Regional Visitor Centre 278 MacKenzie Rd. INUVIK, NT . Phone:(867)777-7237
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Current Location: Inuvik, Northwest Territories