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Following his exploration of the bay in 1631, Virginian William Claiborne set up a trading post on Kent Island, the largest of the Chesapeake Bay islands. A colony developed and formed the first Anglican congregation in what is now the state of Maryland. Although Claiborne fought for possession of the island, England decreed in 1638 that it was part of Maryland and not Virginia.
The dual William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridges span the Chesapeake Bay from Kent Island to Sandy Point, connecting the eastern and western shores of Maryland.
Two paved trails traverse the island. The 6.5-mile Cross Island Trail connects the Terrapin Nature Park in Stevensville with the Chesapeake Heritage and Visitors Center in Chester, and offers biking, hiking and in-line skating dawn to dusk. The trail passes through farmland, meadows, wetlands and woods. The Kent Island South Trail covers 6 miles of fields and woods for hiking, biking and in-line skating between Matapeake State Park on the west coast and the Romancoke Pier on the southeast coast.
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