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Surrounded by the Longfellow Mountains (the name, a tribute to the renowned Maine-born poet, actually refers to all mountains in the state), scenic Kingfield is where SRs 16, 27 and 42; the Carrabassett and West Branch rivers; and those who can’t get enough of the great outdoors converge.
For avid snowmobilers, the mostly wooded town is home to a segment of the Black Fly Loop trail. For those heading north with their skis and poles, it’s the gateway to Carrabassett Valley’s popular Sugarloaf Mountain Resort. And for those looking to snap some stunning shots, it’s a glistening white paradise captured beautifully with a camera.
Kingfield is chiefly a winter town, but it’s a spring, summer and fall town, too. The area allures travelers with its canoeing, kayaking, hiking, biking and hunting opportunities and good fishing spots like Day Pond, Pinnacle Pond and the Carrabassett River reservoir. If you visit Kingfield between September and November, expect to be entranced by glorious hues of red, orange and yellow—Maine’s western regions are known for their spectacular autumn scenes.
Not the outdoorsy type? Unwind in a lovely B&B, treat yourself to a belt-loosening experience at a local restaurant or explore downtown’s specialty shops and art galleries. For a glimpse of local history, check out the 1890 Kingfield Historical House at 45 High St., open June through September. Featuring 13 rooms, three porches and an attached two-story barn, the Victorian home is filled with fascinating artifacts; phone (207) 265-4032.
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