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An attractive city in the Jaliscan highlands, Lagos de Moreno (LAH-gos day moh-REH-noh) is located at the intersection of two major highways, Mex. 45 and Mex. 80. Designated a national historic monument, it has a downtown riverside park, colonial mansions and tiny plazas that pop up in unexpected places.
Montecristo's House, downtown at Calle Hidalgo #494, has beautiful exterior stonework; this former government building houses an antique shop. On the main plaza stands a massive baroque-style church, and surrounding it are handsome colonial mansions. About 10 blocks north of the plaza is the Templo del Calvario. Although the monastery, which overlooks the city from a steep hillside perch, is not open to visitors, those who make the long, somewhat arduous climb up the hill will be rewarded with beautiful views, especially around sunset.
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Current Location: Lagos De Moreno, Jalisco, Jalisco