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Stretching from the Grand Coulee Dam along Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake toward the Canadian border in northeastern Washington, this area encompasses 100,059 acres. Geologic formations in much of the region are the result of intense volcanic activity followed by cataclysmic ice age floods. Natural vegetation ranges from sage to pine forests. Numerous wildflowers grace the southern lava flows and terraces along the lake. Deer are common; beavers and muskrats frequent the shores.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake is a popular recreation area. Activities include boating, swimming, water skiing, camping, fishing and hunting. A state license is required for fishing or hunting; jet skis have been banned from the lake. The park contains 34 developed recreation sites. Houseboat rentals are available at nearby marinas.
Points of interest in the recreation area include St. Paul's Mission at Kettle Falls Historical Center in Kettle Falls and Fort Spokane. For more information contact Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, 1008 Crest Dr., Coulee Dam, WA 99116-1259; phone (509) 754-7800 or (509) 754-7893 for the Fort Spokane Visitor Center.

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