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Le Sueur takes its name from Pierre Charles Le Sueur, the 17th-century explorer of the Minnesota River Valley. Traverse des Sioux Park, 1851 N. Minnesota Ave. in nearby St. Peter, marks a point where Native Americans and pioneers crossed the Minnesota River. It also was the site of the signing of the 1851 Treaty of Traverse des Sioux; according to its terms, approximately 24 million acres—19 million of which were in Minnesota—were ceded to the federal government. Dissatisfaction with the treaty was one of the causes of the Dakota Conflict 11 years later.
Le Sueur is at the southern end of a scenic portion of US 169 that runs parallel to the Minnesota River as far as Shakopee.

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Le Sueur Area Chamber of Commerce 500 N. Main St. LE SUEUR, MN 56058. Phone:(507)665-2501

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A driving or walking tour of the Ottawa Historic District, on CR 36, includes more than 25 sites appearing as they would have during the mid- to late 19th century. Brochures and maps are available at the Ottawa Town Hall, 39120 Ottawa Rd., or contact the chamber of commerce for additional information.

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Dr. W.W. Mayo House
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