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The main entrance to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is 15 miles southeast of Hardin via exit 510 off I-90, then a half-mile east via US 212. In the Valley of the Little Bighorn River in June 1876, Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and the 210 men of the 7th Cavalry Regiment under his command made their last stand against several thousand Lakota, Arapaho and Northern Cheyenne, many of whom were fleeing the restrictions of the reservation. Covering 1.2 square miles, the monument commemorates the dramatic climax of the Indian Wars by preserving the site of this Native American victory.
The monument embraces a national cemetery established in 1879, various monuments and memorials, and a historical museum with maps, photographs and dioramas depicting the battle. Just inside the entrance is a visitor center where park rangers provide tour information and self-guiding tour brochures.
Auto tours with maps are available at the center and from Big Horn County Historical Museum and State Visitor Center and other local outlets; phone (406) 665-1671.
Monument 8-8, Memorial Day-Labor Day; 8-6, Apr. 1-day before Memorial Day and day after Labor Day-Sept. 30; 8-4:30, rest of year. Closed Jan. 1, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Admission $20 (per private vehicle); $15 (per motorcycle); $10 (per person arriving by other means). Cemetery free. Phone (406) 638-2621.

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This 1.2-square-mile monument commemorates the Indian Wars and features a national cemetery, a visitor center, monuments, memorials and a museum.
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