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Wheat above ground, oil and salt below—the economy of Lyons has been well-assured since the town was established as the Rice County seat in 1876. The first salt mine opened in 1890; one mine and a processing plant still operate.
In 1541 one of those who accompanied Francisco Vásquez de Coronado on his search for the treasures of Quivira was Father Juan de Padilla. Both men went back to Mexico, but a year later Padilla returned as a missionary to the Native Americans. He was attacked and killed, however, and thus became the first Christian martyr in the United States. A large granite cross, 4 miles west on US 56, commemorates his work.
There also is evidence of a prehistoric culture in the area. A 150-foot-long intaglio (impression) resembling a serpent was dug into the earth by the Quivira Indians; it is 5.5 miles north on SR 14, then 5 miles east on a county road. Guided tours to the intaglio can be arranged with Coronado Quivira Museum; phone (620) 257-3941.
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Lyons Chamber of Commerce 201 W. Main St. LYONS, KS 67554. Phone:(620)257-2842
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Coronado-Quivira Museum
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