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Founded in 1763, Machias (ma-CHY-us) is Maine's oldest town east of the Penobscot River. The name means “bad little falls,” in reference to the Machias River's plunge through a deep gorge that lies just behind Main Street. Machias is the center of commerce and government for Washington County; industries include blueberry processing, seafood harvesting and processing, and lumber and wood products. It also is a starting point for hunting and fishing trips into the interior lake country.
As the Revolution became inevitable, patriotic enthusiasm engulfed the citizens of Machias, especially the group who frequented Job Burnham's tavern. In June 1775, after learning that a British warship would arrive to requisition lumber for British barracks, Capt. Jeremiah O'Brien and his cohorts convened at the tavern to plan a Colonial response. The battle resulting from that meeting took place off Machiasport on June 12, 1775—5 days before Bunker Hill.
Roque Bluffs State Park, 7 miles south off US 1 on Roque Bluffs Road, contains Maine's easternmost sandy beach.

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Machias Bay Area Chamber of Commerce 1 Kilton Ave. MACHIAS, ME 04654. Phone:(207)255-4402

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Burnham Tavern Museum
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Machias River Inn
103 Main St. Machias, ME 04654
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