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The first naval engagement of the American Revolution was fought in Machias Bay on June 12, 1775, when Capt. Jeremiah O'Brien and 40 ill-armed colonists aboard the small sloop Unity captured the English warship Margaretta. Among the casualties was the Margaretta's commander, who died in Machias the next day. The incident gave weight to the Revolutionary leaders' arguments for the establishment of a U.S. Navy.
Soon after the beginning of the Revolutionary War, Fort Machias was built on the bluffs overlooking the Machias River. Strengthened in 1777, the fort stood until 1814 when the British destroyed it. The present earthworks, which overlook Machias Bay, are the remnants of a fort erected on the spot in 1863; Fort O'Brien is now a state park and historic site that is open daily dawn to dusk, Memorial Day through Labor Day.
Quieter now, Machiasport concentrates on such daily concerns as fishing, boatbuilding and pleasing its many summer visitors. Rockhounds can while away the hours seeking jasper pebbles at Jasper Beach, south on SR 92 near Bucks Harbor.

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